Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Night at Migs

Lori singing at Migs.
Isn't it funny how locals will name their own establishments?  In my little hometown, there is a yummy Tex-Mex place called Miguelitos.  The locals call it "Migs."  They have a live band on Thursday and Friday nights and seating on the patio is premium. 

After spending the day at the hospital with Dad (who was very loopy from his serious drugs after surgery), my sister and I headed to her house to spend the night.  On the way, I called my cousin-and-friend, Lori, to see if she wanted to meet us for dinner.  Turns out she and her sister were headed to Migs already!  So we called Mom who called our sister-in-law who brough her daughter ... and we ended up taking up most of the patio by the time we were done.

Lori is a singer.  She has a beautiful voice and sings locally at fairs, events, and ceremonies all the time.  It's fun for her and we all enjoy listening.  At some point during the evening on the patio, the band realized she was there and we all encouraged her to sing with them.  She really had no choice, but was happy to oblige.  So with no rehearsal, no words to songs, and no planning at all, she jumped right in and became a part of a very fun night.  We would all shout out requests and if Lori knew the words (or I could look them up on my iPhone fast enough) and the band knew the music, they'd play it.  It was a fun night for all ... and Lori became quite the celebrity there.  At one point, most of the restaurant staff was lined up outside listening to her.  I tried to take some video, but my phone battery was low, so I only got a few snapshots ... here's what I got before the phone died:

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