Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beating the Texas Summer Heat

As the temperatures soar into the 100s in central Texas, my sons and I have been seeking refuge from the heat. They would be completely content to play Nintendo DS and computer games from dawn until dusk, but the mommy in me can't allow that to become a full-time habit.

Killeen Water Park
So ... we venture into the Killeen Water Park (which is fabulous!) and the local jump house, Wazoo's, and get to the lake as much as we can, too. But sometimes, it's good to be home and so we've also found some great at-home activities as well.

Both boys like crafts and have made a variety of "Bendaroo" creatures out of the waxy sticks (that stain your hands if you get really sweaty) we found at a craft store. We broke into a "Digusting Science" kit to grow germs and test antibacterial soap, and enjoyed some lengthy games of Sorry!, Sorry Sliders, and Mancala.

Wii Outdoor Challenge
One of our all-time favorite games is a Wii game called "Outdoor Challenge." It's fun for all of us and it gets us off the sofa and moving together. Games require you to run in place, jump, leap, lean, and perform a variety of arm movements to complete the tasks. It's a blast!

My favorite is the mining cart race where two people must lean and jump at the same time to keep your cart on the tracks and one of you must consistently shake the Wii remote to keep up the speed.  We've almost mastered the jumps, but they are by far the most challenging part of that game.  It's a great exercise alternative when there's a heat advisory in the real outdoors!

Tonight, we're banding together to play some "Band Hero" as a family (we've names ourselves the VonCooks) and participate in a Wii Golf "Golf Party."  It's a good time ... and keeps us out of the oppressive heat that Texas summer brings.

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