Saturday, August 21, 2010

Colon Cancer Strikes Again

My dad with his dog, Timmy,
on Lake Texoma.
My family has a history of colon cancer.  My maternal grandfather died from this type of cancer, and the memories of how sickly he looked before his death have always stayed with me.  When my mom was diagnosed with this cancer a couple of years ago, I was relieved to find out that it was in an early stage and required only a portion of her colon removed.  She fully recovered and is now cancer-free.

My dad was recently diagnosed with this cancer as well.  His was further along and will require a complete removal of his colon and at least a portion of his liver as well.  The cancer has spread and the doctors are not sure if they may find more as they are in surgery.  There are spots on his lungs, liver, and thyroid as well, although they are not sure at this time if any of these are cancerous or not.

My sisters and I plan to be together with our dad during the surgery and have even created a webpage at Caring Bridge for others who would like to follow Dad's progress.  You can find it at: if you would like to follow along, too.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and concern!

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