Thursday, August 5, 2010

College for Kids

My boys and our neighbor's two kids enrolled in Central Texas College's "College for Kids" this summer and enjoyed a week of experiments and activities focused on science and weather. They had a fabulous time and loved spending the time together, too.
The kids enjoyed some fun games before and after class.  This one is a version of "Hot Potato" but used a water-bottle tornado and was called "Tornado Toss."
We found a family of ducks on the way home from class.  Most of the conversation focused on how cute they were until my youngest child jumped in with, "We should hunt the ducks!  No, it's not the right season ... I know!  We could just knock out the mom with our water bottles and steal the babies!"  Yikes.  Who raised this child?
Four cute kids by the CTC Fountain after a fun week in class!

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  1. Aw thats awesome that they have wonderful classes like that for kids I bet they really enjoyed themselves OMG! That;s to funny about the ducks hahaha..


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