Monday, March 1, 2010

Crazy Puppy Week

We've officially lost our minds. My family (parents and siblings) are taking a cruise this week. Since the tickets needed to be secured several months ago while Hubby was still deployed (and we had no idea what our next assignment would be or what his next job would be), we were not willing to chance it so we did not sign up to go. It was a wise decision ... any military Family can tell you making long-range plans is not easy.

The losing our minds part comes in, though, as we agreed to watch all the family pets while they were away. We currently have in our home: a 15-year old Cairn Terrier (ours), a 2-year-old boxer (my sister's), a 6-month-old Labradoodle (my mom's) and our 3-month old boxer puppy. There's a lot of canine craziness going on at my house right now!

Honestly, though, they are having a great time together. Landri the Labradoodle is the sweetest little girl ever, a fluffy cloud of black curly hair who is always wearing a smile. Beaudreax, the black boxer, is enormous and strong and the best-behaved dog I have ever encountered. He is darling, just aching to do what you want him to. Our puppy boxer, Leo, is the fiestiest of them all, with the most to prove. He's significantly smaller than his canine cousins and is desperate to defend his turf and his new family. Shadow, the old lady, stays away from most of the craziness, preferring to sleep inside while the big dogs romp around in the backyard.

Enjoy our craziness this week!


  1. oh my god. I totally know how you feel. I am always the dog watcher on holidays. This past Christmas I had my two (husky and black lab) 2 lab/pit mixes and a dauchshund. PLUS I had to go check on a maine coon cat daily.

    Definitely pulled out some hair in our tiney house!

  2. Wow! That's definitely a housefull. Good luck!


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