Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Well Again

Photo:  My sweet boys created a "Get Well Soon" message out of their Legos!

It's been quite a week in our household!  We've all four been through 'the wringer' as it were, with a 24-hour bug, passing it a long every day or so for the past five days.  Yuk!  The youngest was sick first, and there's nothing like seeing your 'baby' sick to kick in all maternal instincts.  I just wanted this precious little guy to feel better right away. 

He's such a good boy and wanted even to be careful that he didn't "make a mess" in the middle of the night.  After two days of rest and recuperation -- and a cracker/ginger ale diet -- he was feeling much better.  He was sad to have missed his soccer game on Saturday, though, as his team played another team with many of his friends on it.  Because he is his father's child, though, he logically reasoned that it was unavoidable and got over it pretty quickly.

After 'camping out' in his room for two nights, I was ready to get a good night's sleep in my own bed.  That was the night I was sick.  Ugh.  Since my day of illness fell on Sunday, Hubby took the boys to church that morning.  They wrote me "Get Well" notes and stories and dedicated their Sunday morning craft to me as well.  When they got home, they even created the above-mentioned Lego message for me.  LOVE sweet little boys.

On Sunday afternoon, my oldest came into the Family Room looking pale and tired.  Uh-oh.  Yep, he was moments away from the illness, too.  Poor guy.  He's much more emotional and did not like feeling badly at all, although my youngest did explain to him that now he would get to miss school on Monday and "that was only fair."

At this point, my hubby knew it was a matter of time for him, too, and sure enough, Sunday night was his night.  He did go to work on Monday, recovering pretty quickly but still feeling fairly worn-out.

Whew!  Now it's Tuesday, all is well, everyone is at their respective places of school or work, and now it's time to cleanse the home!  Wish me luck!

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