Friday, March 13, 2015

NYC Trip: Rockettes Spring Spectacular

Neither my hubby nor I had ever been to Radio City Music Hall so when we found out that The Rockettes were opening up their Spring Spectacular while we were in NYC, we were eager to go. In the funny way things happen sometime, I got a Facebook note from a friend of mine from college that her nephew was in the show! Her parents are good friends with my parents-in-law and we attended church with them for several years while we were stationed at Fort Hood. I tried to get some good photos of the little star, but no flash photography was allowed so I could only get a few iPhone quick pics. He was absolutely adorable, though!

The show itself was very entertaining. The Rockettes are always amazing and they certainly did not disappoint in this show. Laura Benanti (whom I ADORED in "Go On" and cried actual tears when it was cancelled) was just fantastic. She sang and dance and acted and was beautiful and graceful, funny and energetic. She even held her own in the famous Rockettes kick-line. Impressive. Derek Hough was wonderful as well. One of my favorite parts of the show was when he tap danced in actual rain on the stage.

The show delivered all that you would expect it would ... glitz, glamour, energy, fun, and the amazing world-famous Rockettes dance routines. The storyline itself was a love letter to the city of New York and included lots of great facts and tourist information, all presented in a beautiful show. It was the perfect way to wrap up our week in the city.

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