Monday, March 23, 2015

Neighbors and Friends

So first of all, shame on me. Shame on me and my husband AND shame on our fun new friends. We spent this week with some new friends who have been our neighbors since last summer. We've had a few casual chats with them but have never taken the time to get to know them or schedule a dinner or date ... and shame on us for that. 

After spending time with them this week at another post far, far away, we discovered that we love them. They are funny and fun and have a lot of the same thoughts and beliefs as we do. We went to dinner one night and closed the restaurant down, not even noticing that we were alone in the building until the poor waitress began mopping by our feet.

We so enjoyed getting to know them and hope we can bridge the gap of, I don't know, about 10 yards between our house and theirs to continue building the friendship before we move in June. Such is the Army life, but I look forward to keeping up with new forever friends.

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