Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time with the Taylors

The best part of our trip from Texas to Washington DC was our stopover at Fort Campbell to see our dear Army friends, the Taylors.  Frienship forged in the chaos of deployment stands forever strong, as we demonstrate with this wonderful family time and time again.  Our kids are fabulous friends and we love seeing them grow up together.

Paul and Amy were gracious to allow us to stay overnight on our way to our new home and we had an absolutely marvelous time.  The big kids camped out in the backyard while little Ella entertained us all.  These girls are so precious to us and we were so excited to see them again.

Amy is the ultimate hostess and a better bed-and-breakfast you would be hard-pressed to find.  The men got to shop-talk and catch up while the ladies shared stories and memories and filled up on girl talk.  We love this family and can't wait to see them again soon.

Thank you, Taylors, for a fantastic visit!

Absolutely LOVED our Time with the Taylors!

The big kids are ready for bed.

Miss Amy checks on our campers.

More fun memories for the Cook/Taylor kids!

Little Miss Ella was the star of the show, for sure.

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