Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Round of Goodbyes

Leaving Texas -- our home state and the place we've been stationed for the past 7+ years -- has not been easy on any of us.  With all of our immediate family members along the I-35 corridor in Texas and my boys having spent a majority of their lives here, it's truly home to us. 

Due to some military-kid-miracle, Trey attended only one elementary school (Kindergarten through 5th) and spent his first year in Middle School with many of the same kids he's known since he started school.  Joshua enjoyed a local private Kindergarten and spent 1st - 3rd grade at the same elementary his brother attended.  Our neighborhood, library, sports program, swimming lessons, and basically all daily life events have been steady and familiar for years.  Giving that up to enter a completely foreign area will be a challenge, for sure.

Now, we're in the process of trying to see everyone one last time before we head to the great unknown in Washington DC.  One priority is always to see Trey's best friend, Madi.  They met in Kindergarten and even though she moved to Denton, Texas after the 3rd grade, they still remain close friends.  They talk frequently on the phone and she is the only person he texts with other than his parents.  We enjoy her parents as well so it makes it fun to get together.  This trip, Madi's dad brought her to us and she was able to spend a night and the next day before we met her parents to return her on our way out of town.  It was a sad goodbye, but we're planning on future get-togethers whenever we can.  After all, it's never officially 'goodbye' but just  a simple 'see you later.'

Trey and Madi, best friends since Kindergarten.

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