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My Baby Turns 9!

My Joshua turns 9 today.  I can't believe it's been nine years since he entered our lives, completing our family of four.  This is my youngest, my baby, my sweet boy and I am so very proud of him.  His laser blue eyes can absolutely sear my soul and his quirky sense of humor always makes me smile.

He may have my blue eyes but his personality is all from his dad.  He is truly Dad's mini-me ... with a million wonderful qualities.  He is logical and intuitively understands more than many adults I know.  He has an amazing memory, 'gets' math, and has a wonderful way with words.  His dry sense of humor is always entertaining us, but he desperately avoids the spotlight.  He is competitive and works hard to do well.

He makes up his mind quickly and is firm in his beliefs.  He has a great way of weighing pros and cons then sticking with the results of his decisions.  He is instinctively frugal and practical.  I think he was four years old the first time he asked me, "Mom, you've already gotten 'X' number of items in the grocery cart; do we really need that?"  He was like a little budget-conscience following me around the store!

He is also incredibly mature in his thought processes.  One night not too long ago, he asked to get his library book and put it in his backpack.  Since he was already in bed and it was after bedtime, my immediate response was 'no.'  To this, he said, "Mom, can I please explain to you how my mind works?"  Intrigued, I agreed.  He explained it in this way:

"Mom, it's like my brain has folders.  When I go to bed, I check all my folders.  If there is something I need to do, I cannot check off that folder and it's hard for me to go to sleep.  If you will let me put my library book in my backpack, I can check that off my folder and not worry that I will forget it in the morning.  Can I please put my library book in my backpack so all of my folders will be clear?"

How many grown adults cannot articulate their thoughts as well?  Well, of course, I had to agree to let him do it and told him I appreciated how it explained it to me.  That's my boy.  I love this child with my whole heart and am daily grateful that I get to be his mom.  Happy Birthday, precious boy!

We arrived in our new home on Joshua's 9th birthday and took him to a restaurant called "Generous George's Positive Pizza Place."  The boys got to make their own pizzas and enjoyed ice cream sundaes for dessert.  Happy Birthday, Joshua!


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