Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puppy Boxer is Growing Up!

Our boxer puppy is our first foray into the world of larger dogs.  I had several types of terriers growing up ... my husband's family had dachshunds and a beagle in his growing up years.  Our first dog as a married couple -- who is still with us -- is a Cairn Terrier (like Toto on the "Wizard of Oz," only blonde, not black).  So ... the world of big dogs is a new one for us.

First, I am amazed at the rate of growth!  I think sometimes Leo has grown during a single nap!  He is still a wonderful pet, mild-tempered, obedient, and sweet as pie ... but BIG ... and growing!

Leo (7 months) and Shadow (15 years) posing for the camera.

Leo is fabulous with our boys.


  1. Laura Ann CastleberryJuly 3, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    Boxers are such awesome dogs! Especially with kids. We had 5 when I was growing up. . . I hope you enjoy every day with Leo!

  2. Wow - he's getting so big! What a cute face he has! We have an Irish Wolfhound and a min. schnauzer, and the size difference is humerous. Ironically, the little dog runs the show around here.


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