Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabulous Hail and Farewell

The National Anthem playing before the game began.

First, for my civilian friends (whom I love!), a Hail and Farewell is a regularly scheduled social event that Army units host in order to say 'farewell' to Soldiers and Families that are leaving the unit and to 'hail' -- or welcome -- Soldiers and Families who have recently arrived in the unit.  They are hosted in a variety of places, but usually a meal is involved and restaurants tend to be popular venues.

Our battalion just hosted a Hail & Farewell at a Round Rock Express baseball game in conjunction with "Military Appreciation Night."  It was such a fun time and a wonderful way to spend time together as a unit.  At this particular venue, we were able to rent out the party area which included a pool, hot tub, and gazebo.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs, beer on tap, water, soda, and lemonade, and were able to swim throughout the game.  Another fun aspect of the night was that my hubby was able to throw out the ceremonial opening pitch!  [He's got this very cool XO who worked this all out.]

It was a very fun night and a great place to host an event ... and what's more American than a little summer baseball?  =)

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  1. Aw I LOVE it you guy looked like you had a blast I wana go lol..


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