Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack

One of our family traditions is to let our kids choose a special place for dinner on their "actual" birthday ... since their parties are generally not on their date of birth. My little seven-year-old chose Joe's Crab Shack in Austin for his big dinner (after an extensive talk with Mom about why it might be a better choice than all the local pizza/arcade restaurants) and it was a ton of fun.

We invited our local cousins to dine with us since they live in the area and we had a really great time. We sat on the outdoor porch and were pleasantly surprised at how nice and cool it was that night. Shade and fans were a definite plus and it was a nice evening outside. The wait staff would occasionally break into simple line dance routines during certain songs -- a huge hit with my nieces who would often jump up and join in!

Some of the kids were adventurous in their meal choices ... my oldest ordered crab legs -- which he loved -- but there were good food choices for everyone. Hubby and I shared a pot of seafood and had plenty to go around. The kids also enjoyed the enormous plastic bibs tied on to everyone who ordered seafood ... dads included!

Best feature of the restaurant? In addition to sitting outdoors, the Joe's Crab Shack has a fenced-in play area with a small playground and lots (and lots and lots) of sand. The kids had a marvelous time digging, playing, building, climbing, running, and sliding. We weren't sitting close enough to allow them to play without an adult with them, but it was neat to be there for the fun.

Another favorite was a really cool dessert menu. The kids could choose between a Rice Krispie treat or an ice cream sandwich, both of which were served on an artists' palette! Chocolate syrup, caramel, and strawberry sauce were served with a paintbrush so the kids could decorate their desserts. So fun!

When our waitress discovered that we were celebrating a birthday, she made sure he was recognized for his special day. She brought out a cowboy hat and wooden stick horse and asked Joshua to show off his riding skills while the staff sang to him. He took off and 'rode' around the patio area at full-speed while we all sang. It was hilarious to watch and he thought he was IT after that. Very cute.

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  1. PS ... sorry for the poor quality photos. All I had was my iPhone, which I love, but is not a great night camera! =)


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