Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Homecoming Dance

My teen went to his first homecoming dance tonight, but not at the school he currently attends.  It a crazy turn of events, we ended up back in the Washington DC area on the very weekend that the high school he would have attended hosted their Homecoming. 
With the power of modern media, he was able to learn about the weekend through friends and accepted an invitation from a great friend to attend the dance.  I was very proud of his resourcefulness as he had to locate, download, and print a permission form, obtain the signature of his current school principal, and arrange with his friend to meet up for the dance.  These may sound like mundane tasks, but for my teen, this was somewhere near monumental. 
He had a great time and I'm glad he got the opportunity to go to the dance ... especially since he missed his current school homecoming, happening the same night.  Funny coincidences but a superfun night.

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