Friday, August 30, 2013

Raider Football Practice and Pizza Party

I could not be happier with Trey's football team experience so far.  His coaches are encouraging yet tough, and spend their time actually teaching each player how to best play his position.  For this mom of a first-time football player, it is nothing short of an answered prayer.  And, because of the approach his coaches have taken, Trey is excited about the game and learning each and every time he puts on his pads and helmet.

Tonight, the team enjoyed a pizza party and social after a 2 hour practice.  They boys were ravenous, of course, but then wandered right back onto the field after eating, playing because they love to play.  They are bonding as a team, getting to know each other, and having fun every step of the way.  

Bonus for me is that I've been designated as the actual team photographer!  This means I can take all the photos I want and my teenager cannot complain!  "But I'm the team photographer" is my favorite phrase and my all-access pass to the practices and games.  Yippee!!

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