Friday, August 9, 2013

Marine Corps Evening Parade

What a treat for my husband and me to be able to attend the Marine Corps Evening Parade with some great friends.  I love my Army and Soldiers will always be first in my heart .... but you gotta hand it to the Marines for putting on a great show.  The precision of the silent rifle team and of the entire Marine Corps Barracks battalion was nothing short of phenomenal.  The Drum and Bugle Corps and the Marine Band were equally impressive.

Afterwards, we were able to visit in The Center House, which I think is code for Marine Corps Frat House ... but it was really cool.  We enjoyed some snacks and got a very thorough history of the house from one of the Marines there.  They were definitely an impressive bunch.  Great music, great display of precision and discipline, great fun, and great night with great friends.

Marine Corps Barracks, established in 1801.

Marine Corps Commandant's House

Rich and Christy

Our "Crowd Educator" ... we called him Kalamazoo in honor of his hometown.

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