Thursday, November 15, 2012

7th Grade Family Dinner

Seventh-grade family dinner was an odd hybrid of a seventh grade dance, a family dinner, and a PTA meeting. Dinner was catered by a local restaurant and was delicious. Desserts were donated by parents and I had to keep my kids from going back for fourths. :)

The dance part of the evening included dance competitions, a hula hoop contest, and several popular group dance songs. For some reason, Trey did not come get me when they announced a parent-child dance contest. He did try to soften the blow later explaining that only the girls asked their parents to dance in the contest. :)

Trey had a great time but it became a little bit odd for Joshua and me to be sitting and watching the whole time. It did allow us to have a good time observing all of the other kids and their parents. One little boy especially made me smile as he was probably a kindergartner following the every move of his seventh-grade brother.

One teacher did make Joshua's day when she asked him if he was a seventh grader! It was funnier for me to say no this is my fourth grader ... that 5'7" kid over there is my seventh grader!

Some of the age old middle school dance stereotypes were very present as the boys gathered in huddles on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Modern differences were also visible, including a majority of the children videotaping some of the dances on their smartphones in order to post them on YouTube or Tweet them to a friend.

It ended up being a very fun evening and I was very happy to spend it with my two boys.

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