Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Segs in the City!

Six Army wives who have recently relocated to the DC area
One Fun Army friend visiting from exotic Vicenza, Italy
Last name of Segulin booking our Girls' Night Out
Truly tacky touristy fun!

Clearly, there was no other option than to book the "Segs in the City" DC tour for our little group of seven!  I plead total tourist ignorance here as I actually had to Google 'segs' to see what that meant, but I am a bona fide fan now.  We had an absolutely marvelous time revelling in our geeky tourist-ness.  Now, I realize that dorky helmets (with LIGHTS on top!), pink-rimmed reflective vests, quirky machines-on-wheels, and a tour guide in pink just SCREAMS ... "I'm a nerdy tourist!"

BUT ... We had a blast!! Our tour guide, Jordan, was fantastic! Somehow he kept us all safe, in-line, and entertained for the full 2 hours. Commendable, for sure. We made two different stops to walk around and see a few of the attractions up close and it was the perfect rest stop for standing on the seg for so long.

We did get lots of looks and questions, but mostly from folks who wished they were whisking by on our ultra-cool wheels. Jordan was completely prepared, handing out business cards and answering questions. The details of the tour were fun and informative and we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. We took the last tour of the day so we got to employ the oh-so-subtle headlights on our helmets but also ensured that the temperature was perfect for a summer event.

Rachel Spinuzzi, our fabulous friend and photographer, took these great shots throughout the night ...

7 Gals on the Segs in the City Tour of DC!
So we get suited up and introduced to the segways (which have no power button, no brakes, and work completely off balance ... yikes) and we're all a little nervous.  Our tour guide asks who is responsible for setting this up and we all turn to Chrissy. =) 
Our tour begins with what what intended to be a brief explanation of the seg and rules for riding.  This poor guy soon learned that wouldn't be so easy with our group!
Here, we look totally attentive and innocent, but I'm pretty sure this is when he was saying, "Ladies, please let me get through the introduction!" =) 
We did make it through the introduction and the training and now we're off!
Besides the ultra-dorky helmets and pink-rimmed reflective vests, we each wore an earpiece that allowed us to hear our guide through the speaker.
At this point of the tour, I'm feeling pretty confident in my seg-ing ability, which made me that much more of a wild card in the group.
We were able to line up without incident to take the official tour photo!
Now it's the tour guide who's misbehaving ... this time with the camera shot.
Jordan the tour guide kept us free from harm and within city laws for the duration of the trip!
Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.
Cruising along the Potomac as the sun is setting ... Just beautiful!
We made a quick stop at the Roosevelt Memorial.  It's not one I was familar with, but is absolutely beautiful.  We agree with the former president ... we, too, hate war.
The Lincoln Memorial at night ... breathtaking.
Abraham Lincoln
When it was time to turn on our ever-so-sexy head lamps, my lamp was like a beacon in the night! We joked that the Secret Service must be paying close attention to our group as I lasered the White House with my glaring beam.
Now that the Ultra Beam has been turned off, we try another group photo in front of the White House.
This was a cool shot caught by our unofficial photographer for the evening, Rachel.

If you're wishing you could be whisking by on your very-own segway wheels, check out the Segs in the City website for more information.


  1. oh my goodness that looks like the best day ever. Having other Army wives to do things is always fun

  2. That was fun! It was pre hip surgery for me and I was afraid I was going to fall but now I could do that again and enjoy a bit more.


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