Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Fun at the Sully Historic Site

Our family ventured out for our very first Civil War reenactment today to Sully Historic Site. We really had no idea what to expect but decided that since it was so close (down the road in Chantilly) and beautiful weather, why not?

We had a great time. We loved the authentic cannon. Each Soldier explained his part in making the cannon work and we saw some live fire. Great costuming, really fun games for kids that required no battery or charger (ah, back to the simpler times!), and a slightly inauthentic (but tasty) lunch of hot dogs and chips.

The boys were able to participate in rifle drill and learned how to properly handle their weapons.  They endured a short road march and planned a siege on the parental line.   They really seemed to enjoy that.  We also tested out some old-fashioned toys, shopped in a tent of Civil War memorabilia, and observed the campsites of both Union and Confederate Soldiers.  We watched a skirmish between the two sides, complete with casualties and cheered for a shoot-off between opposing Soldiers.

Touring the historic home that once belonged to the Lee family was interesting and the boys were fascinated by the simplicity of it all. The preteen was mostly interested in the Civil War era girls that were helping with the kids games, but even he learned a lot.  In all, a great day spent at a fun location learning a little more about the history of our beloved nation.

Read more about the Sully Historic Site!

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