Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Firstborn!

Happy Birthday to my firstborn today! It's sometimes hard to reconcile this man-in-the-making with the tiny little 6 pound baby we welcomed into the world 12 years ago. He's taller than I am, his voice is deeper than his daddy's, and he has recently decided to go by 'Nathan' instead of the name I've been calling him since before he was born, 'Trey.' Something to do with preteen independence? Regardless, he's a fabulous guy and I'm so very proud of him.

For his birthday dinner, he chose Nami's Japanese Steakhouse, one of our family's favorite places.  Gram and Granddad were able to join us and we had a great time.  Our chef was fun, the food delicious, and the evening a smashing success.  He is now officially twelve years old ... and his maturity was displayed beautifully as he maneuvered a wall hanging to make it look like the Japanese man on the banner was picking his nose.  Nice.


Trying to get a photo of the boys ... aren't they funny?  Sigh.

Another photo attempt ...

A few hand signs later ... I got their faces in the photo!

Our chef is just getting started.

Joshua's favorite ... the Onion Volcano!

As if I needed more challenge added to my attempts to get a good photo, our chef joined in the fun.

Granddad and Gram were able to join us!

To demonstrate my new-found 12-Year-Old maturity ...

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