Thursday, February 23, 2012

Army Spouse Events: Creating Nametags

It's nearing Welcome and Farewell season in our unit again so spouses are busily planning events for incoming and outgoing ladies. A big part of one of these events is the nametag. It usually matches the theme of the evening, is generally hand-made, and encompasses everyone that RSVPs for the event (plus a few blank extras just in case someone shows up that didn't RSVP or was missed on the RSVP list). I have a dear friend who believes whole-heartedly in the "nametag of shame." If you don't RSVP, you get a substandard nametag. =) We joke that she'll just scribble your name on a post-it if you show up without an RSVP, but it's usually just a hand-written version of the pre-printed originals.  *Note here that it IS proper protocol to RSVP for every event you are invited to within 48 hours at best, but at least by the event start time.  Hosts have worked hard to make each event pleasant for their guests and it really is the least you can do to let them know if you plan to be there or not.

When I arrived at Fort Hood in 2005, a wise friend advised me to keep the invitations and nametags for the events I would attend  to have a collection of ideas and inspiration when I was tasked with planning these kinds of events myself.  It was sage advice.  I now have a folder of various nametags and have learned from the events I have attended.  Now, when it's my turn to plan, I have a place to start.  And now, dear readers, I am happy to share this collection with you.  I would love to hear about your events and see your inspirations, too!

My bag of invitations and nametags for inspiration.

This is my most recent creation ... and a collaboration of about 5 ladies working with a Cricut for the first time.  Red for artillery and black/gold for CAV and our Black Jack brigade.

This nametag was for a Bunco-themed Coffee.  Fun!

Red and gold for field artillery.

Unit name was added since I was a guest at another unit's spouses' welcome.

The addition of "Special Guest" kept people from wondering who I was in their unit.  =)

This is my favorite CAV themed nametag.  Velvet ribbon with a silver star!

Just learned how to use my Cricut, which is likely how this cute nametag was made.

Fun summer welcome event with a funky floral theme.

Cute ivy paper with the 4ID stamp and a ribbon.

This was a Farewell for a wonderful lady whose favorite drink was Diet Coke.

Truly Texas and CAV ... another favorite of mine.

Back to School theme so a simple 'chalkboard' look was used.

There's so much you can do with a Cricut machine.  Love this shape and the fun handwriting, too.

CAV theme with a wildflower touch.

This might be my all-time favorite ... a wine-themed nametag (complete with a wine cork!) for a Welcome at the Salado Wine Seller.  The green and purple were so pretty together.

This is the easiest and most popular way to make the nametag complete.  You can find these stick-on pins at most hobby and craft stores.  Try looking in the jewelry section since they can also be used for making brooches.

I learned this little trick from a friend several years ago.  She adds a metal embellishment to the front of nametags (silver star, metal brad, etc) then uses a magnet to attach the nametag.  It works great since it doesn't require a hole in clothing (like pins do).  Be sure to get the strongest magnet so that it holds throughout the event.

The plastic sleeve is my personal least-favorite way to attach the nametag (since it's not as pretty), but it works if you don't have the alternatives handy.


  1. I like your name tag ideas, I wish I had the time to be creative, I think I am going to set aside some times on Sunday afternoons for crafts like this!

  2. Great ideas for name tags. I personally loathe those adhesive name tags so I've used the plastic sleeves. I never thought of making name tags from scratch. Easy and less expensive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely nametags, I like the idea of the coke in can name tags, it would be better if you add some metals tags on it but then it's fine with me. I love all of them nice concept.


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