Friday, July 15, 2011

Cousin Camp: Cameron Park Zoo

Cousins at Cameron Park Zoo
This orangutan had a button in her habitat that would spray onlookers with water.  We were begging her to push it and she refused.  It was funny to watch the kids bargain with her, though.
Trey swings and rings the gong.
The similarities to an orangutan don't disturb me.  At all.  Really.
Joshua tests his reach.
The Orangutan playscape was huge fun.
Sweet Skylee in the Aquarium Room.
We loved this room ... it was air conditioned AND had water to splash in ... oh, and the fish were neat, too.
Cute kiddos in a cave!
We spent quite a bit of time sliding through the clear tube slide that goes through the otter exhibit.
The otter slide is so much fun!
Gram with Grandkids
After a yummy picnic lunch, the kids played in these amazing natural sculptures at Cameron Park.

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