Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lessons from My Nieces

Hannah and Emma at Wazoo's
My twin nieces, five years old, stayed with us for a couple of days so their parents could enjoy a wonderful anniversary trip.  I know, instinctively, that there are many differences between girls and boys, but it is still startling for me to see it in action.  Here are some things I've learned about my nieces over the past couple of days ...

They are snuggly.  Anytime another human is sitting, the girls would snuggle in.  They don't mind climbing up and over each other to get closer and love to be cuddled.

They like to help in the kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised to have two very capable little helpers in the kitchen at mealtimes.  Hearing sweet voices asking, "Aunt Traci, what can I do?" was music to my ears.

Their voices can reach octaves unattainable by boys.  Squeals are something new to me.  My boys can make plenty of noise, mind you, but these little girl voices can reach heights generally unheard in our home.

They take on new 'best friends' quickly and easily.  Taking the group to Wazoo's, a local bounce house, was so fun.  They immediately made a new friend and were holding hands and playing like life-long friends after just a few minutes.

They are enthusiastically dramatic.  I should really videotape these precious girls telling a story so you can get the full impact.  I absolutely love listening to them and watching their highly expressive faces.

They are very independent.  Maybe I just don't remember my boys at five years old very well, but these girls seem very independent to me.  They are fully capable of bathing, washing their hair, brushing it out, brushing teeth, picking out their own clothes and dressing without even a hint or reminder.  It could be, too, that they actually have an opinion about their clothes whereas my boys will wear whatever I put out for them ... and it also could be that if I stopped putting out clothes for my boys (and started trusting them to choose!), they would be equally independent?

These are just a few of the lessons I learned over the past two days and welcome the opportunity to have these adorable little girls in my house again soon!

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