Saturday, January 8, 2011

Army Sisters: The Fabulous Jenn

My super-fabulous friend, Jenn
Not only do I feel blessed to be an Army wife and get to meet so many amazing people, but I am doubly grateful for the friends that I have met along this Army path.  One such fabulous friend is Jenn.  Jenn and I met at a brigade Coffee at my house sometime in 2007.  I had just joined this group, had missed my first Coffee with them and was now hosting one.  I was a little nervous to invite all of these ladies to my house, not having met anyone.  Our Soldiers were deployed so I didn't even have my husband's review to find out a little about them.  I felt anxious and on my own.

We had a great turnout that night and I met a lot of super gals.  Jenn, though, stood out from the very beginning.  This Jersey girl is sassy and fun and has never met a stranger.  She had been inside my home for all of 30 seconds when I began to feel more at ease and started to enjoy myself, completely forgetting any sense of nervousness I felt before.  And after 5 minutes, we were akin to lifelong friends.  She single-handedly made me a part of the group and included me in her circle of friends on the spot.  She's that kind of gal.

I treasure the friendship that started that night and count Jenn as one of my true confidantes, someone who will listen to any craziness I need to share, tell me the honest truth about what she thinks, and hold nothing back.  She's also fiercely loyal and, in her own words, will 'smack you down' if you hurt one of her friends.  She refuses to allow gossip and has an wonderful sense of justice about her.  Don't plan to bad-mouth anybody if Jenn is there.  She just won't stand for it.

She's endlessly entertaining and this southern gal loves her Yankee ways.  Our respective accents clash like Titans, but our conversations are truly hilarious.  If you ever get the privilege of meeting Jenn, ask her about her wonderful Sicilian family and beware of the 'evil eye' curse ... it's no joke.  Her husband is equally wonderful and I'm happy that our husbands are friends as well.  It's a relationship I will always cherish and I'm happy to have her around for whatever challenges might lie ahead in the coming months.

For you, my Jenn ... wonderful friend, forever Army sister ... thank you.  You mean the world to me.

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