Friday, December 3, 2010

The Search for an FRSA

Sad little plant at the FRSA's desk
Several years ago, the Army authorized a civilian job position to assist Army units with their Family Readiness programs.  Titled a "Family Readiness Support Assistant," the FRSA's job is to act as an administrative assistant to the unit command in family readiness issues.  The program has had many successes as well as its share of failures ... I personally have encountered both extremes in the FRSA world: the most professional, efficient, helpful assistant possible to a downright disruptive employee that the unit might well be better off without.

Having seen the highs and lows that this program can produce, I am still optimistic about the value and potential of the individuals placed in these positions.  When we moved to a new battalion last April, we were introduced to a wonderful FRSA who worked hard, enjoyed her job, and had the Soldiers' best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, her Soldier husband received orders to move and, sadly, she had to move with him. 

We have been without an FRSA since July.  A combination of field time, training, interview schedules, and issues with the Civilian Personnel system have thwarted our plans to hire a new person for this position.  My husband has interviewed quite a few candidates and has attempted to hire two of them.  The first was deemed "not eligible" (by the very same organization that presented us with the list of eligible candidates -- where she was clearly listed ... *sigh*) and the second ... well, we're waiting to hear.  Hopefully, the unit will have an FRSA in place in February, after a JRTC rotation but before deployment.

So ... several ladies recently decided to help clean out the "FRSA Closet" in hopes that the adage "If you build it, she will come" might come true.  When we arrived, we were greeted by the sad little plant pictured above.  It had previously been cared for by the former FRSA ... and is now representative of our unit's FRSA life.  =)  We joke that when the plant revives, we'll have our new employee!  Stay tuned for more!


  1. See...and I would LOVE to apply for an FRSA position, but can never find the listings on the ACPOL site -even AFTER FTCKY announces that day that it has been posted! *sigh*

  2. I have been an Family Readiness Group Leader back at Ft Carson, CO I had to start the group up from the start and I helped my FRSA Fran Hunter with her filing. I got some in site of what she did and if I stead at Ft Carson, CO I would have applied for an FRSA position. While the FRG Leader I was voted volunteer of the quarter. 1/67 AR 2 Brg 4 ID. Golf Company 2009-2010. I moved back home while my husband went over seas. Now he is back and we are heading to FT. Hood, TX in Oct. I am a student currently at Globe University is Sioux Falls, SD Graduating in Dec with my assosiates Degree in Business Administration.

    Please Help me and tell me how I can apply for the FRSA postion.

    Michele Fauset


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