Friday, December 31, 2010

Army Wins the Armed Forces Bowl

Nate and me with Brad and Jen
It was a wonderful treat for us to have both of our alma maters playing in Bowl games this year ... Baylor in the Texas Bowl and Army in the Armed Forces Bowl.  Even though both games were played relatively closely to us, we decided we weren't quite up to making both games (within 24 hours of each other, one in Houston and the other in Dallas).

We cheered for the Bears from home and were sad at their loss to Illinois, then headed to Dallas for the Armed Forces Bowl at SMU's stadium, hoping for a better outcome.  Nate's best friend from high school (and best man at our wedding), Brad, graduated from SMU and lives in the Dallas area.  We were excited to visit with Brad and his wife, Jen, before the game at their tailgate party ... but participated in NO cheering for the Mustangs, we promise!

Ready for the Game!

Go, Army!
We were happy to visit with Nate's West Point classmate, Jack Strother, at the game.

Go, Army!

Cheering with Gram and Granddad
Army WINS!  16-14 over SMU.  Go, Army!


  1. Yay Army, lol.

    I gave you a blog award. If you decide to participate, the details are on my blog :)

  2. Yeah, Army! I had some friends at that game, wish we could have gone, too. ;)

    That said, I'm working on a project, collecting essays from Army spouses. You have a very nice writing style, and I was hoping you would like to contribute an essay.

    For more information, you can email:, and check out the Facebook page: Military Spouse Books.

    I look forward to hearing more from you! ;)


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