Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Fun with our Cousins

Sweet Niece and Me
Every summer, our family works out an intricate plan to have as many cousins spend individual time with aunts/uncles as possible. Now that the older cousins are into sports and summer camps, it's not always possible to get each cousin to visit alone, but we try!

A special treat for our twin nieces is to spend time alone with their cousins. As identical twins, they spend most of their time together and are often referred to as one: "The twins are here!" So getting to keep each one with us has been a blast!

We had Twin One over the 4th of July.  See my previous blog posts, "Happy Independence Day" and "Fun Niece Visit" to see pics of this adorable niece.  Twin Two was able to visit us this week and we had a blast with her as well.  Some highlights ...
Playing with Leo at the Lake

Fun with Bendaroos!

Fun cousins at the Killeen Water Park
She loved visiting Fort Hood, seeing her uncle at work,
and watching all the men (and ladies!) in their "Army costumes."
Sleepy cousins after a long day of fun

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