Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Pretend Camp-Out

We love camping ... we were initiated as Tiger Cubs in Cub Scouts and have enjoyed it ever since.  We tent-camp and cook our own food and understand all the rules of "Leave No Trace," but in the summer, there is a long list of reasons why camping is just not an option (at least for me!) ... scorching temperatures, hungry mosquitoes, and oppressive humidity top the list.

So when my boys started begging to camp this summer, I got creative.  Like many moms before me, I suggested an indoor camping event.  After a little persuasion, they were on board.  They even talked me into a fire in the outdoor fire pit.  We roasted hot dogs and s'mores then created a wonderful indoor tent out of various blankets and random heavy objects in our dining room. 

It was a fun night that satiated their need to camp ... and kept mama happy, too!

Enjoying some s'mores!
Roasting more marshmallows!
The completed indoor tent

Boys asleep in their tent ... with one boxer stowaway!

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