Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letters From War: Tribute to Mothers of Soldiers

I cannot fully appreciate the sacrifices made by the parents of our US Army Soldiers.  Mothers, especially, who send their children off to war and pray for their safe return ... have my undying gratitude, love, and prayers.  With two young sons of my own, I can get an inkling of what it might be like, but really, I cannot know.

I have seen my husband's mother support him throughout his lifetime, including four years at West Point, and through sixteen years in the Army, including thirty or so months of combat deployment.  She is a stalwart supporter and a sensational prayer warrior.

We are fortunate to live close to Family while we are stationed at Fort Hood.  Both sides of our families are in Texas, with Hubby's parents living only an hour away.  This affords us (and them!) with some priceless opportunities to spend time together more often than when we live several states (or continents) away.  His Family is always supportive of us and our Army life and for that, we are extremely grateful.  In this photo, Hubby presents yellow roses to his mom at his Change of Command reception.

I recently came across a song and video titled, "Letters from War" by Mark Schultz.  Always a glutton for punishment, I clicked 'play' and sat back to listen and watch.  The song is a moving tribute to the mothers of our Soldiers.  I could see my mother-in-law in the care and devotion the on-screen mother showed for her son, far away at war.  Writing, especially, is a gift of hers and she is a constant source of support for my husband, deployed or not, and for our Family.

I wanted to write this post to say a public "Thank You" to my Soldier's mom ... and to share this song with you.  Please share with the mothers of your Soldiers and tell them thank you for their service and sacrifice. 

Letters from War is a beautiful song by Mark Schultz and a loving tribute to mothers of Soldiers.  Kleenex are required for this vieiwing ... don't say I didn't warn you!

Letters From War from Mark Schultz on Vimeo.

She walked to the mailbox
On that bright summer's day
Found a letter from her son
In a war far away.

He spoke of the weather
And good friends that he'd made.
Said I'd been thinking 'bout dad
And the life that he had.
Thats why I'm here today
And then at the end, said
You are what I'm fighting for.

It was the first of the letters from war.

She started writing ...
You're good and you're brave.
What a father that you'll be someday!
Make it home.
Make it safe.

She wrote every night as she prayed.

Late in December
A day she'll not forget
Oh, her tears stained the paper
With every word that she read

It said "I was up on a hill
I was out there alone
When the shots all rang out
And bombs were exploding
And thats when I saw him
He came back for me.

And though he was captured
A man set me free.
And that man was your son.
He asked me to write to you
I told him I would, oh I swore."

It was the last of the letters from war.

And she prayed he was living
Kept on believing
And wrote every night just to say ...

You are good
And you're brave
What a father that you'll be someday!
Make it home.
Make it safe.

Still she kept writing each day.

Then two years later ...

Autumn leaves all around
A car pulled in the driveway
And she fell to the ground
And out stepped a captain
Where her boy used to stand.

He said "Mom, I'm following orders
From all of your letters
And I've come home again."

He ran in to hold her
And dropped all his bags on the floor
Holding all of her letters from war.

Make it home
Make it home
Make it home


  1. Awesome! You are wonderful, my love. Our boys have a fantastic mommy and will be fortunate to have the same unending love my mom has provided for so many years. Thank you, my dear.

    Thank you to my mother.

  2. they played this video and the song at the church service right after boot camp for the airforce and all the soldier went crazy when they heard it. it was amazing to see all of them there and shake all there hads even if there just now in boot camp i dont think they get told enough "thank you" they should be told more often... i have a brother in the air force. i love him hes deployed right now and i have a husband in the navy and i dont think they are thanked very much.

  3. The song is really beautiful I know soldier's cherish the support their mother's give them back home. I know mother's hate to see their sons and daughters go but at the same time they are proud that they are serving their country. garrettsambo@aol.com


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