Monday, January 25, 2010

Back Online!

After two months' worth of mourning the accidental deletion of my old blog ... and same amount of time haggling with Blogger to please help me retrieve it or reuse my old blog name (neither of which were successful), I have ended my official mourning period and am back online! Having learned valuable online lessons these past weeks, I thought I would share with all my blogger friends these words of advice:

Don't delete your blog.

Really. It's quite inconvenient and I don't recommend it at all. =)

I'm happy to be back online and look forward to reconnecting with former blogger friends. Now I'm off to find my friends to follow ... and play with more background options. Love the ones at "Cutest Blog on the Block" and I was so happy to reinstall my header (I missed her!!). Thank you again to @undomesticwifey for such a fabulous header design!!

Please find me ... I look forward to following and discovering fun new blogs again!


  1. So happy to have you back in blogland! I missed you :)

  2. Welcome back :) I am glad your blog is back!!!

  3. You are very welcome! Still looks great! (If you decide you want to change the color of your background, I still have your file for the girl graphic :) )

  4. Thanks, Ladies!! I missed my blogging friends while I was in blogspot purgatory!


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