Monday, January 25, 2010

Road Trip to Fort Sill ... King of Battle!

So Hubby is gone for a three-week course at Fort Sill, OK ... Home of the Field Artillery. Hooah and King of Battle! We were stationed there in '97 for just nine months but it was a fun time ... pre-kids, lots of freedom, and a pre-9/11 Army that was much less stressful than today.

The boys and I took a road trip up to Oklahoma this weekend to visit ... and to expose our kids to the homeland of the Field Artillery. Those of you that have been stationed there will recognize their favorite stops: Atomic Annie, Geronimo's Grave, Field Artillery museum, and Meers! Meers was once a miner's town that is now simply a store/restaurant. It's rustic and old and has the very best burgers ever made: 100% longhorn beef raised on the owner's ranch. If you get the chance, you should visit AND save room for the amazing cobbler as well (our favorite is cherry but they're all delish!).

Okay, my restaurant review is complete! It was a fun trip and we're glad this is just a short course and Hubby will be home soon!

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