Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sugary Sweet Snowman Snacks

Making snowman snacks
The finished masterpiece!
Cute little sugary snowmen!

My oldest son made these adorable powdered donut snowmen for his class Christmas party but they

would be perfect for any wintery snack.  The nutritional value is low but they're oh-so-cute and perfect for an occasional treat!
He used:
  • mini powdered donuts for the body 
  • pretzel sticks for arms
  • Jelly Lifesavers for hat base
  • Kissables candy for top of hat
  • almond slivers for noses
  • gel icing for eyes and buttons
  • Fruit by the Foot for 'scarves'
  • sifted powdered sugar for the 'snow'

Here is a cute video of my oldest son making his Snowman Snacks, complete with narration! Note little brother sneaking snacks as the video progresses.


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