Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Person I Want to Be

Okay, I know you're out there ... overachieving shoppers who already have a neatly crossed-off holiday gift list and a pile of sparkling gifts, wrapped, tagged, and displayed under your flawless Christmas tree, placed there just as the Thanksgiving turkey was cleared away.

That's the kind of shopper I want to be. Every year, I vow that THIS will be the year that I shop all year, a little at a time, get the best bargains, and have beautifully wrapped presents, color-coded by family and displayed under my tree on Thanksgiving weekend. Well, it's the Monday after Thanksgiving and we just dragged all the decoration boxes from the garage this morning and Black Friday was the first of my shopping for the season (and I am nowhere close to being done!).

Sometimes I wonder about this person I want to be. Where is she? I know all about her, but not how to find her. She is energetic and organized, friendly and fun, savvy and smart, and loving and kind. She's a great mom, making hot breakfasts for her kids each morning before taking them to school ... on time. She's a fitness fanatic, jogging after dropping off the kids and saving Pilates for rainy days. She's a fabulous cook, managing to pack healthy lunches and have well-balanced, homemade and delicious dinners on the table each evening. Her house is immaculate, a sparkling tribute to the family she loves.

She is thrifty and creative, with a closet full of beautifully crafted scrapbooks, hand-made crafts, and personalized stationery for the hand-written letters she sends weekly to friends and family. She follows a schedule each day, making a positive impact at work, volunteering at her kids' schools and on post nearby, teaching Sunday School at church, giving to the needy, and providing hope for the hopeless. She does all this while maintaining a svelte figure and is the fashionista of the neighborhood, always leading in the current trends.

Her husband adores her and she spends her time making sure he knows how appreciated he is. Her children rise and call her blessed ... and are the best-dressed, best-behaved, best-looking kids around (this, at least, is not such a stretch ... they are really cute kids!!). They complete their chores with nary a complaint and ask what they can do to further contribute to the family. They have giving spirits and always think of others first. They make straight As, are musical geniuses and gifted athletes, and plan to cure cancer when they grow older.

Ah, this is just the start of this person I see out there ... there are glimpses of truth in it, but the reality is that this lady is happy to make it through a day with no major catastrophes ... and no phone call reminders regarding late library books, forgotten field trip permission forms, or missed meetings. Such is my life; truly a work in progress.

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