Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap!

The more I get into the blogosphere, the more fun I have! Today I wanted to share a cute idea posted by “The Mrs.” at Trying Our Best. See her post: Christmas Ornament Swap Sign-Up to sign up for an ornament swap among bloggers!

I can't wait. I love, love, love Christmas! Besides the fact that we celebrate this as one of the top holidays for our faith, I love the entire season associated with it. I love tinsel and trees, lights and luminaries, wreaths and wrapping, ribbons and reindeer, snowmen and sparkles, bags and bows!

I also enjoy collecting ornaments. Each year, I try to talk Hubby into another tree (yes, not just more ornaments, but an entire new tree!). We have our main family tree with lots of fun ornaments from places we’ve been, kids’ crafts, and other ornament exchanges. A second tree is our patriotic tree … all white with ornaments that are shimmery, sparkly and (of course) red, white, or blue. A third smaller tree holds all of our hand-made ornaments from Korea. I have a fourth (tiny) tree in my kitchen with miniature gingerbread and peppermint ornaments and each of the boys has their own small tree for their room. Each year, they pick a new ornament to add to their trees. It’s fun to see the eclectic collection they’ve each accumulated (with everything from glass baseball and basketball ornaments to dinosaurs to a feathery blue bird!).

I would love to get a tall pencil-thin tree for our breakfast room to be our “snowman” tree. I have a collection of snowmen that are displayed in the breakfast area and need a tree to start a snowman ornament collection. (When Hubby reads this, I might just get the “need vs. want” discussion again!)

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