Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1st Grade Writing: The Elifnt

1st grade stories
My first grader was excited when he came home from school today.  His teacher had asked the students to vote on their favorite creative writing stories and his story won first place ... "for the first time ever!"  The topic of the day was elephants and Joshua chose to write his story from the elephant's perspective.  His elephant has a little attitude but told a fun story of his life in the wild. 

I love this teacher's writing lessons.  She encourages creativity and works with each child individually to proofread, correct, and 'publish' a variety of stories.  Joshua is learning so much about the writing process and enjoys getting stories from his head onto paper.  Plus, I'm gathering lots of great stories to keep for myself in his 1st Grade classwork folder.  I love going back and seeing the progress my kids are making in school ... and it's fun for them to see their 'old' work, too.  Thanks, Mrs. Norman, for a wonderful set of 1st grade memories!

The introduction to Joshua's story

Hello!  I am an elephant.  First, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Steelix because whenever I hit myself on the head, it does not hurt.  However, my body is also the color grey.  Second, let me get something straight.  I am in the wild, not in the zoo.

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