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First Day of School Cake

When my oldest started Kindergarten in 2005, my wonderful neighbor Catty introduced us to her family tradition of making a first-day-of-school cake in the shape of a school bus. We met after school and the kids decorated the cake, including faces on mini Nilla wafers to represent each of them. We loved the tradition and added it to our own family from that day forward. Now, 12 years later, we're still at it. We invite friends and neighbors to join us. It's always a fun time and I'm proud of our longevity in at least this one tradition. :)


  1. sorry to post here but i can't find an email address anywhere on your site. i figured you'd receive a notice to moderate this comment and would at least see it that way...

    request feature post: army vet publishes children's book

    Good morning,

    From one military family to another would you consider this featured post? I hope you'll at least check out the 2 minute video from our successful Kickstarter campaign led by an Army vet and his daughter.

    Army Veteran Self-Publishes Children’s Book about Afghanistan, Turns into Successful Kickstarter Campaign
    Reference link:

    I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 where I brought home bedtime stories for my infant daughter to explain the war on terror. I decided to heroize the local Afghans to stand firm against insurgents, in honor of an Afghan Sergeant I served with. Well, this special bedtime story for my daughter has now turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign that will publish an illustrated children’s story.

    This is an inspirational project veterans, especially families, need in their lives. It’s a feel-good story about our service and our mission abroad. I know how much I wanted my daughter to understand my service, or at least know why I missed the first year of her life. Other veterans are struggling to explain this too, and The Brave Badria fulfills that need.

    Your readers will love this story. Please check out the 2 minute video to see for yourself. The project ends November 15 so the sooner veterans know about this project the better so they can get a book for themselves or donate one.

    For additional information to finalize this story please contact me at 516-234-9872.

    Matt Wilson


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