Friday, December 12, 2014

Door Decorating Contest

The door decorating contest is a fun part of working at WTC. Our group won 1st place last year so the pressure is on to find another creative and witty door this year. We ended up going with another contractor theme, utilizing a play on words regarding the pink badges that contractors wear.

 I love how the door turned out ... but think door #5 by Advocate Branch is likely to take first place this year. I love how they created the AMEDD crest out of Christmas tinsel and lights. Lots of ornate details, personalization of the photos of all the advocates, and leadership photos jumping from a gift box were all great details they included. Nice work!

Door #4 is interactive and personalized, which I love, and Door #3 cracks me up with all the crazy sequestration and budget talks we've endured.  Door #1 is highly detailed, personalized to that group, and hilarious to read and Door #2 is beautiful as well.  Fun times at WTC!

Santa Says: Come hang out with the pink badgers!
The contractors' door in AW2 land!
Great work creating custom parachutes.
Key to our Door
AW2 Airborne Santa!
Our Legal Disclaimer
The completed door!  Yay, contractors!
Door Decorating 1 - All I Want for Christmas is More CHARTS!
Door Decorating 2 - Christmas Tree
Door Decorating 3 - Budget Constraints
Door Decorating 4
Door Decorating 5 - The AMEDD crest

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