Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fans of Stan

Hi, Stan!

I so wish we could be there to see you right now but we are sending all of our love and hugs to you from bustling DC. We miss our time at Fort Hood so very much and have such amazing memories of our time there, especially with the Red Dragons. You were such an important part of that and you are now forever etched in our hearts.

There are people who move into and out of your lives but leave a lasting impression behind. You are one of those people to me. When Nate introduced you as the POC for our battalion ball, I felt both sympathy and excitement for you. I knew that you would be bugged a million times each day from that day on with my endless questions … but was so excited to have such a kind, patient, and detail-oriented Soldier on my side!

You made the entire planning process a breeze … easy, fun, and greatly productive. Every last detail was perfect and the Soldiers and Families of 3-82 FA enjoyed a beautiful reunion ball that they will always remember. You did that. We pestered you from start to finish, but you made it all happen. From the printing of those amazing posters (some of which mysteriously disappeared that night!) to craft-time with the spouses creating photo-frame centerpieces to the now-infamous Jesu light, you were amazing at getting it all done. Thank you.

Thank you for being a friend to me during that crazy time and for handling it all with such ease, even in the midst of your own personal struggle. The Cooks are big Stan fans … you’ll always have a full cheering squad in us!


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