Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Baby Gets Baptized!

As born-again Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He was sent to Earth, born of a virgin, and died on a cross after leading a perfect and blameless life. taking on the burden of all sin, and rising again on the third day, thereby defeating death and sin.  Jesus came so that we could be united with His Father, Our God, in a personal relationship.

Our faith is important to us and we love Jesus with all our hearts.  We were absolutely thrilled when our youngest made his decision to follow Christ and show his decision to the world by being baptized.  We are thankful for his faith and proud of his commitment. 

Joshua was excited that his Uncle Danny would perform his baptism at our beloved home church, Legacy Church, and that family and friends would be there with him to celebrate his decision.  What a blessed and wonderful night!

We are so proud and so thankful that Joshua has given his heart to Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Danny begins the Baptismal Service.

Joshua is ready.

Sweet cousins attend Joshua's Baptism.

Gram and Granddad wouldn't have missed this amazing night!

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