Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hike in Chalk Ridge Falls Park

We decided to try a new hiking trail today near Stillhouse Lake. The park is easily identified and the trail is great. We even got to cross over a suspension bridge.  The boys loved it and took turns re-enacting Shrek and Donkey's journey to the castle over a suspension bridge ... "Shrek! I'm looking down!!" Too funny.

It turned out to be a really fun hike ... and only about an hour and a half longer than we'd anticipated. Because we were trying to locate a cave by way of grid coordinates (from a blog I found online), we weren't exactly staying on the pristine path created for hikers. One thing I learned about land navigation is that grid coordinates don't account for the actual topography of the land. Sure, it may be just to the right a few meters according to the GPS ... but you may have to cross a lake, a small mountain and a couple of barbed wire fences to get there. In the end, we made it to the cave and took a few photos for good measure. It was a superfun family day and a hike we'd love to make again.

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  1. Thank you writing about this! We are thinking of making this hike tomorrow but I couldn't find any recent information about it. One blog I read was from a few years ago and the bridge had been washed out. I'm so glad to hear it is still there. I doubt we will go off trail much. I'm hoping there are caves to explore along the way. Thanks again!


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