Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Friend-zy at Mountain View

Every year, Mountain View Elementary School hosts a Fall Carnival on a Friday in October after school. It's always a lot of fun and the kids really look forward to going. There were some new fun things this year and we all had a great time. We really love this school!

Welcome to the Fall Friend-zy at Mountain View!
I don't normally cheer against my kids, but "Look, Mom!  You can win a LIVE fish!" certainly made it tempting.  =)  I know the fish all went home with loving families, I just was not in the market for another pet.
Trey getting spray glittered.
Trey with red and orange glitter hair.
Our school principal, Mrs. Varljen, braves the dunking booth.
There were lots of totally fun, original games to play.
Joshua picked out a handmade Angry Birds hat at the Craft Vendor booths.
Joshua is read to chuck a chicken!
The Chuck a Chicken game made me laugh.  So cute!
Joshua at Buggin' Out
I love that the school PE coaches teach tons of fun dances to the kids.  They're great at a party!
Time for my 3rd grader to grab a snack.
The school hosted a silent auction with a contribution from each class.  This is Mrs. Cameron's classes' work.  So cute!  At last glance, it was going for $60.00.  Great idea!
Trey is ready for the Human Velcro Run!

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