Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School Report

So my kids both survived the first day of school and are off for Day 2.

Trey is thrilled with Middle School and seems to be born for such a time as this.  He loves changing classes and looks forward to a new teacher and subject every hour.  He enjoys having a locker all to himself and the responsibility of taking care of his own things.  He has declared Science as his favorite class so far (primarily based on the lab tables and the jars of floating dead animals and body parts in the room).  He likes all of classes and says all of his teachers are very nice.

He cannot wait for Advisory periods where they get to read "for 50 solid minutes on Mondays!!"  He already knows the layout of the school and has his schedule memorized.  He says that the halls are very crowded in between classes; his friend Clayton adds, "If you're claustrophobic, middle school is not for you!"  So, middle school is a huge success, one day in.

Joshua is much more reserved with his praise ... after all, he could be enjoying summer if it weren't for this pesky school thing, but he, too, is enjoying his new year.  He loves his new teacher and says she is "very nice as long as you are doing what you're supposed to be doing."  He was very excited to see his friends again but lamented the fact that Jeffrey and Jonathan are sitting on the opposite side of the room right now.  Joshua is very analytical and is certain to present all the pros and cons in any given situation but seems to be mostly positive at this point.

I'm happy for both my boys and pray for continued positive reports and success throughout their school year.

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