Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

We enjoyed a fun Labor Day this weekend and really packed in the fun!  On Friday night, my in-laws were sweet to stay with the kids while Hubby and I attended a social at our brigade commander's house.  The commander's wife is also a Soldier and will be deploying soon so we gathered to wish her well on her travels.  It was a really fun night, including a yummy BBQ dinner, beer and margaritas, and a karaoke contest ... which we won!  We sang "Lean On Me" ... it sounded terrible but we got 98% on accuracy!

The boys in the Great Wolf Lodge.
The next morning, we headed out to Dallas for the Great Wolf Lodge.  It was our second trip there and was a lot of fun, although it was super-crowded.  I dropped the boys off with their dad at the waterpark to start their swimming fun and headed across town to see Dad at the hospital.  He looked great and should be going home in a day or two.  I picked up a stuffed orange-and-white UT football at the gift shop for Dad.  It plays "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" when you throw it ... which may be a little annoying, but Dad seemed to love it.  ;)

When I got back to the park, I went on a dinner date with my oldest child at the Great Wolf Lodge restaurant.  He's a very fun and handsome date!  Hubby and Youngest continued to play MagiQuest and had their dinner date a little later.  The boys were able to complete all of the adventures and quests and whatnot that they wanted to that day and fell into an exhausted sleep that night.

On Sunday, we spent the entire morning and afternoon in the water parks.  We rode one slide all together then split up to ride the individually-age-apppropriate rides with the kids.  We rode all the slides, swam in the crooked river, jumped in the waves at the wave pool, and had a great time.  After a quick shower-and-change in the waterpark showers, we headed to my mom's house for a 49th birthday surprise for my sister-in-law.  Her parents and siblings came and we enjoyed a fun night of dinner and visiting.
MagiQuest fun!

On Monday morning, Hubby was thrilled to go dove hunting with my stepbrother.  They got up early to hunt while the girls slept late.  My mom and I enjoyed coffee and chatting until they got home ... with their cleaned dove.  Then we all gathered again at a local favorite breakfast restaurant, The Old West, for brunch.  It was yummy and fun and then it was time to go home.  My sister had been kind enough to keep our two dogs for us over the weekend so we stopped by to load them up ... then headed out to I-35 to join the masses of humanity there.

One long car ride later, we were home and getting ready for a new week.  I feel so blessed and thankful to have family close by and be able to join in these special events!

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