Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can't Wait for Halloween!

PHOTO: Neighborhood kids at the 2008 pre-Halloween Dinner!

I'm not sure who is more excited about Halloween ... the kids or me! First of all, this will be the first Halloween in three years where dear Hubby is here with us; that alone is worthy of celebration.

Secondly, we're all set! Kids have costumes they love, the house has been decorated (and scented with yummy pumpkin candles all month!), and candy is ready to be distributed. Also, we're continuing one of my favorite seasonal traditions since we moved back to Fort Hood. We're hosting a pre-Trick-or-Treat dinner and moving through the neighborhood with a group of friends.

We love having people over and this is a super-fun event. We cook up a big pot of chili and everyone brings spooky sides to go with it. Most recipe ideas are from and include things like "Monster Toes," "Apple Bites," and "Pizza Mummies." I will put out a few easy crafts to occupy the kids when they're finished eating, including a photo magnet project where I take a Polaroid instant photo (I may have the single remaining Polaroid instant camera on the planet) and the kids decorate with stickers and a sticky magnet on the back.

Then it's out the door we go! The adults are able to stay on the street, chatting while monitoring the kids as they move from one house to another. We'll end up back at the house where we can hand out candy to the older kids who come by a little later in the night, and let the kids play together to wrap up the evening. It's a great night of fun for kids and parents. Can't wait!

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