Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Birthday To Remember

Celebrating 45 (!!) was amazing with my handsome man! We decided to stop in Dallas on our way back from dropping kids off in Waco. My guy was so good to me, making reservations at the (ah-mazing) Trulucks restaurant after a day of shopping the Galleria, then spending a luxurious night at the Lincoln Centre Hilton. I feel special and blessed ... and not at ALL forty-five. =)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Boys Golfing

Two of my boys on the 18th hole of the Fort Sill golf course, hanging with Saint Barbara!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Full Circle Bookshop and Cafe

On our way out of town today, we decided to stop at a new shop to browse books and grab lunch. My helpful Yelpers recommended the sandwiches and the shop so I felt confident we would enjoy it. Did we ever. My eldest was in heaven, browsing books (to the ceiling!) and taking in the cozy atmosphere of the shop.

The Café was a little slow (our boys had finished their grilled cheese sandwiches, ordered dessert pastries and had finished those before my husband and I received our food), but the food was excellent. I had a fancy version of a BLT (Peppered Bacon & Roasted Tomatoes on focaccia with avocado & jalapeno relish) with the aforementioned soup and both were very flavorful and filling.

Impressive to both my boys was the Pokémon themed drink options (shown below) ... and we enjoyed a Drink Instinct together. Cute bookstore, great staff, wonderful environment, and delicious food ... we'll be back!

Monday, July 25, 2016

OKC Boathouse District - White-Water Rafting

Who knew you could white-water raft in the middle of downtown Oklahoma City? We had a great time with our two new friends, Mackenzie and Jennifer, and our guide, Hannah, was a total white-water rafting rock star! We made it through the loop five times and only managed to lose one rider, "swimmer" Nate, one time.

This is so much fun; I wish we'd tried it out sooner. My eldest wants to try the white-water kayaks (almost guaranteed to "flip" or "roll" during the excursion) but I'm happy with my big ole raft. They also turn down the rapids for tubing which looked like a lot of fun, too.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dinner at KD's

So we're in Bricktown and the boys are hungry (as per usual). We see that Kevin Durant's restaurant is close by and we're always fans of sports grilles so we made our way to KDs. We're not sure what the restaurant will be like, especially in light of KD's recent departure from the OKC Thunder. Honestly, we half-expected to see either boarded-up windows with graffiti or a big ole "CLOSED" sign. Neither were apparent as we approached and we entered a very nicely decorated restaurant where we enjoyed good food and excellent service. The impact of Kevin Durant's departure from the area hadn't hit this place yet!

I did read up on Yelp as we waited for our food and laughed out loud at a couple of these entries:

Friday, July 22, 2016

100 BSB Cresting Ceremony

LTC Rieke hosted a cresting ceremony at her home on the OPQ tonight. It was a fun time with the families of the 100 BSB and we enjoyed the food and friends.